So, the month of January has finally come to an end, and I am praying that nothing drastic happens to my car because lord knows I can’t afford another mistake. I even felt safe enough to spend $40 bucks on a dvd player and a toaster (making toast in the oven…not nearly as fun or as efficient as it may sound). I am back on the budget again. After my bills, I will get $250 to spend–$62.50 a week–in order to save some semi big bucks. Why, you may ask? Because Thursday I received an amazing offer for next year, which will require me to do all that I can to save money becuase there is no guarantee about how much money I’ll make between July and September. Can you guess? Well don’t do so here…because I haven’t told anyone at my work (well besides the people who propositioned me with this oppurtunity in the first place), and won’t do so until I’ve been hired for the intersession position of my choice this spring. Fuck…keep your fingers crossed, cuz I could use that money like no other.

I’m excited and scared at the same time. It means that I can possibly get a better apartment in the spring of 08 (cuz, that’s a whole different endeavor that need to be saved for). One day I’ll have a house and a dog! I just realized that I will not be broke forever and that I am capable of ascending to levels at which I am not presently. When all that happens I will move to San Diego, and buy a labradoodle. Maybe I’ll even be married. but if not, that’s cool. I’m sure all of this would be possible if I stay the course. It just seems more likely if I jump at this oppurtunity. so consider me to be swimming in it.


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  1. GERL!!!! I’m sharing in that excitement!!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed, even if I know you’ll reach those new levels that are much higher than where you’re at now. You’re GOOD LIKE THAT. 😉

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