frijoles negros


i’m full of black beans….and sugar. Not consumed together. they just happen to be mingling in the same body. I should be planning, or writing an IEP, or getting ready to go to the gym (4 cookies just don’t disappear), but i’m not. I’m just feeling bleh. I’m even wearing new work out pants. I’m just feeling bleh. I still have an hour to decide if i want to head out or not. I am behind…way behind. I haven’t planned in a while, because all this CAHSEE testing and preparing for CAHSEE testing put me straight into just bootcamp mode: get the kids prepped and feeling ready, despite the outcomes. Now I want to move into text….whatever. So i’m just umcomfortably full of a can of beans-completely unnecessary, completely worth it. I love beans.


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  1. I can eat kidney beans by the truckload. Just don’t be around me afterward, and extinguish any open flames while your at it.

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