model thin


so for the last four days I’ve been eating enough to compensate for all the starving that went on during fashion week nyc. As I told kars and sam, if it wasn’t physically impossible, I would swear I was preggers. As I watch the lifetime movie “15 and pregnant” I am so thankful that I’m not…but, usually I am just thankful that I am not. I dont think I could take dropping my kid off with a sitter, or at daycare, and hearing it cry “I want my mother,” …but I wouldn’t be able to take it for the reasons you think. I get so incredibly annoyed when my own students act like that. I’ve gotten better about dealing with that though..especially since one has taken to calling me “mom.” Um….yeah. He does it to get a rise out of me, so instead of going for the bait I tell him, “Hey, you already have a mom, and she’s worked hard to get you!” Not in dirty way either.

My voice is not very happy because its been exercising it at the boys varsity basketball game against our cross town rivals. I think basketball may be come my spectator sport of choice. Its so fast paced and easy to watch. and exciting too. There were some great plays.

Tomorrow is parent teacher conferences. I made my students personally invite their parents. Hopefully most of them will show. cuz damn they need it. I’m just dropping in.


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  1. If you’re still eating like you’re eating for two, have a kit kat on me. 😉

    Basketball is a great spectator sport, but I triple dog dare you (yes I’m breaking protocol without first doing a single ‘dare’) to tell the next person who asks what sports you like to watch to answer with “Japanese and American Sumo.”

    Of course the same person will ask “Why do you like watching Sumo?” And you have to answer, “…I like big butts and I cannot lie.,” Feel free to sing as much of the Sir Mixx tune as you like. :O

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