So, to not be outdone by my friends who have already posted and commented on the matter, Anna Nicole Smith apparently died today. I found this out on my drive home from work tonight (yes…TONIGHT…it was parent teacher conference night-11 parents turned out, record numbers) from my mother of all people. TMZ.com had no less then 9 headlines…9 different headlines on the matter. is it premature of me to say that at this point in time, TMZ.com is the litmus to which one can measure their “madeness”…as in “Oh, look, I’ve finally made it!” Or is that just a healthy cyber mixture of faux and real celebrity? Doesn’t the term celebrity just seem like we’re all just talking about people who aren’t stars? Wasn’t there a black and white Leonardo DiCaprio movie on the matter? I’m just sayin. So food fest 2007 has reached its maximum limits today—and i’m kind of grossed out, so i think i was at a better place when I had no money to go out and eat. Now I need to challenge myself to really take control of my choices…to take control of my health and my wealth. Once this week I tried that new work out routine that a friend suggested (10 minutes of cardio, all of my wieghts, then the remaining 35minutes of cardio) but I didn’t like it very much. I’m not very motivated to continue to do my cardio after my weights. I just feel like I should be done. i’ve been having many mini revelations this week, none that would interest any of you because, honestly, i’m boring myself with my writing now. just taking an inventory of where i am rightnow. which is mostly just chunky. and in pink pants.


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  1. Dear Pink Pants,
    Being in Texas, Anna’s demise has been all over the channels. I find it boring, but I also find it sad that her daughter won’t be growing up knowing her biological mother. Taking into account Anna’s “lifestyle” would this be considered by some to be a good thing?

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