My funny Valentines


So Valentine’s day is on Wednesday, and I spent this morning with my little valentines: A and J of Long Beach, Amanda and Chris of Palms, Maggie and Cliff of westwood/berkeley/a future that will contain more money then I will ever see, and Che sans girlfriend. We had breakfast at the Pantry, which was fucking delicious (I can’t even begin to imagine how they managed to make french toast that seemed to be cooked inside of the egg, as opposed to being coated in egg). They even had real bacon. Damn. I felt insanely loved. Yea. Then, to commemorate how much I love myself, I finally filled my prescriptions, spent the gift card to nordstroms my mother that gave me for christmas (I bought a 32oz container of my favorite face wash….this way, the next time i’m hard on cash I will not run out of facewash at the same time!), and spent some quality time in both Victoria’s Secret and The Gap. You will be very proud to know that I left Victoria’s Secret empty handed, and after trying on 6 different pairs of pants (some not working at all, other working perfectly) I left the Gap with one pair of size 12 Long black flared pants. Now I can go to work dressed like someone who wants to look like an adult. There was another pair that I really really wanted to buy…but I didn’t! I put them on hold, and may come back for them later. Getting my transmission fluid and oil changed in my car should take priority over pants. So, happy valentine’s day to me.! This whole past week was a great valentine’s day gift to myself! I hung out with my friends several times this week! I took myself out to eat on more then one occassion. I enjoyed more sugar then really can be considered healthy. And I even took some time away from doing extra work. Now, I’mjust sittin ghere listening to my cheap new dvd player not work…damn. well, on the brighter side, at least i have on demand. hugs! and Happy early Valentine’s Day.


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