Happy Valentine’s Day


On this valentine’s day I vow to only consume sugar until at least 6 pm tonight, at which time I just might eat a taco salad. Or just a taco. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Enjoy these roses that a student got for me!

So now it’s 10pm, and I’m sitting in my chair wearing my pink workout pants because I’ve just come from the gym. I amde an incredible use of my time as a single woman in Los Angeles, and took advantage of everyone else’s time with their loved ones, by headed to the laundromat to do 6 loads of laundry in 2 hours, and then i spent time at the gym. And somewhere between laundry and the gym i realized just how convolutted my plan of consumming only sugar truly was. For one thing, did you know that cupcakes are primarily sugar, water, and flour? Yeah, they are. And that is not a meal, no matter how many you eat. That shit just eventually dissolves, leaving you empty. So basically, i’m starving (I had a chicken tenders kid’s meal for dinner), but am being soothed by delicious soy milk. In a minute I’ll go and retrieve some string cheese. Remember that entry from a while back about how I used to hate pineapple orange juice as a child, yet spent all weekend drinking- and enjoying- it @4620? Well, i’ve had the same revelelations about soymilk and string cheese. I love them. I’m insane. I have therapy tomorrow, as well as bowling afterwards (i’ve decided to skip a conference about a program that I don’t use, and will not be using next year), and this is all after a day of school. I’m headed to bed like now.


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