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So, um, yeah….so…I kinda had a pre-Valentine’s day date. The date was in no way associated with V-Day, its just that this happens to be the only day in this week I could possibly get together, and at the advice of friends I just pushed the envelope and said, “I have Tuesday free if you want to get together” because really, if I had to wait any longer to get this out of the way I was just going to stop taking his calls. He works down in the Museum Square, so we met up for dinner at the Marie Callendar’s down there (the MC down here is really fancy). So, all in all, it was….eh. Not good, not bad. Seemed nice enough, but I knew that already. We talked about his work, his family, his bowling experience as a kid, his living in iowa vs. los angeles, and I interjected a bit with key info about my experience with some of those things. i asked him the questions, and kept things going. Ladies and gentlemen: ask a girl some questions. I have a famly, I’ve traveled, I’ve lived in cold weather climates, ask me a question. I told my mother that maybe I’m just not that interesting…like I don’t like sports, I don’t know much about politics. but I know things about books, music (danceable, passionate music), traveling, some art, and movies (bad, high grossing movies) but i guess those are the types of things you talk to your friends about. I’m just trying things on. like shoes. i found out target has shoes in my size. cool, right. so many pairs of shoes. didn’t buy one. my black pants kick ass. they’re my inspiration…and the reason i’m going to the gym again tomorrow…and forever! No, seriously, they’re great.

is anyone else creeped out by guy pearce’s portrayal of Andy Warhol in “Factory Girl”? He fucking has a grey face. Like, its so white with makeup that the shadows look grey…and the light looks grey also. creeepy. not seeing it.


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  1. Asking questions is generally a good thing, it shows you have an interest and some desire to learn about the person your keeping company with, but some questions that shouldn’t be asked especially on the first encounter are: “Come here often?” “What’s your sign?” “Wanna join the party in my pants?”

    Guy Pearce is one of my favorite actors, but he does look creepy portraying Andy Warhol, but then again Andy Warhol is creepy.

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