Blades of Glory


Um, has anyone noticed how in every Will Ferrell movie there is some scene where someone (mostly him) is in costume and set on fire (Old School) or is believed to be set on fire (talladega nights)? he is just the funnies thing on blades.

So last night I went over to Esther’s apartment and watched The L-Word for about four hours. We both have Showtime East, so we watched the East Coast broadcast, caught Gryz up on the last two episodes he’d missed, and then rewatched the same episode that we’d watched at 7. Sick…we’re sick…and I realize that I actually hate like all the character’s on that show except like one. I can’t even count the times I said, “fuck…she is such a cunt! Fucking crazy bitch.”

So I hit my first aerobics class tonight. Its been years since I’ve done aerobics…not since I was a junior in high school when I took aerobics for PE. That shit will traumatize you, I swear…but I needed something cheap (read: free) and high impact to make my workout more efficient. Lent is coming up and I’m giving up being self deprecating and scared for 40days. who knows what will come of it? hopefully something good. I will actively be trying to create a better way of thinking and living and loving myself to create a habit that will surely take after 40 days. I want to use this time to do something powerful, life changing. I don’t want to trivialize such a large sacrifice by giving up chocolate…but by changing my own relationship with myself and everyone around me.

I checked out this big ass book called “A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide.” This will definitely give me something to talk/think about.

Oh hell yeah! Michael Petrelli can mothafuckin fly! yeah baby!!! Don’t see the movie “23.” And definitely don’t use Mags witnessed me wasting time on this search engine…And um, how wicked sexy do those Black Donnelly’s look? I”m gonna be a little sad when that show gets cancelled.


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  1. I get the torrents of L Word. I love that show- I hate Tina and Shane (because, really dumping Carmen at the alter)and Poppi(sp?), and Bette (sometimes, cause you know she’s gonna fuck shit up). Angus is punk! Jenny is crazy.

  2. The only girl i like right now is helena. I mean, really, jenny schecter is a cunt. tina makes me want to barf. Bette always fucks things up. Papi isn’t even played by a latina…which is why the character is sooooooo over acted. Angus is a punk, I totally agree. Shane…well, all I can do is hang my head in shame. yeah, so that just leaves helena, alice, and tasha. Oh tasha. i want that hair!

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