The OC


So apparently tonight was the serie’s finale of The OC. I don’t actually watch this show aside from the first DVD box set cuz that’s when shit was good, and the Christmakkah episodes cuz they’re generally funny. I just love fucking series finalies though…they add this sense of finality, and always give a glimpse into teh future of characters. I appreciate that kind of closure. I’m a “see the big picture” person. I alwasy like to know how it ends…ask my friends.

Anyway, I bought these shorts today after a particularly grueling aerobics class.

And Oh, I will sooooooooo be back to that class. My gym has the cutest blacks guys working there. Just like…damn. Not fine, but I will gladly let you put your hand on my back to keep me going through the resistance part of the work out (cuz that’s what happened). They’re all just strong and good looking. Like the boys next door…if you happened to grow up next door to really good looking black men . I”m also tryin gto lose some weight for the sake of health, a slowing metabolism, and a healthly love affair with alcohol (see last weekend’s picture with Andy Dick). Its uncomfortable for me to work out in pants that are too short and too big. These are a much better fit. They’re aqua in color. I haven’t actually worn workout shorts since 9th grade. I can’t remember the last time I wore shorts to anywhere other then bed. I guess this means I’m going to have to shave on a regular basis.


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