4 am


There is a group of us who don’t sleep well…either walking up at 3 or 4 am randomly through the week. this is the second time i’ve done so this week. Woke up, watched some vh1, and now i’m watching Twister. I will watch twister every single time its on tv no matter what else is on…and this isn’t even a particulary good movie. It just reminds me of a kinder, gentler time when movies were exciting, not grotesque….or stupid. Like when Jurasic Park first came out. Or Independence Day (to be followed the next year by Men in Black, then sadly, Wild Wild West). Or …well, shit I’m having a hard time remembering all the great movies of 1996 but there were quite a few. The nutty professor for example (which, between you and me, marks the beginning of the end for Eddie Murphy. no wait, the sequels were the beginning of the end), and Set it Off (the beginning of everything for Queen Latifah). So here is a list of the really good movies that came out in 1996 that i still really enjoy:

The Rock starring nic cage and sean connery, Ransom, Primal Fear, Scream, Fargo, Laz Burhman’s Romeo and Juliet, The abortion movie if these walls could talk, Everyone Says I love you, First Wives Club, Evita, Jerry Maguire…and a bunch of other literary films that won oscars that I was too young to understand then, and too bored to watch now. 1996,,,celine dion, van hale, snoop dogg, biggie, tupac…what a strange year. 1996…my first year of high school I believe. 1995-1996. I was a sophomore (we still have junior high schools in federal way)…I think maybe anything associated with that time in a person’s life is viewed either one of two ways: fondly, or with animosity. I think this was the small amount of time before I stopped actually liking high school. When I had my first kiss, met my cousin for the first time ever (her mother was bestfriends with my aunt, so we adopted each other like family), argued with my mother incessantly about freedom and the right to go to the mall! I think I liked this year. It was my junior year that was jam packed with activities and clubs to fill my leadership resume. It was the end of that year and the beginning of my seinor year that I finally just emotionally fell apart like a ton of bricks. Fucking 1998. the entire year. i still kinda think it was kick ass that i graduated in 1999. the last graduating class of the 20th century…teee hheeee. i’m special. maybe its a prince thing.


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