here with me


20 bucks says he recants this statement. my favorite line is: “I remember looking down at her all crumpled in the tub with the water coming down. She looked so white and lifeless. I thought she was dead. I thought, ‘This bitch is going to f–king die right here in front of me.‘” 20 bucks says that this shit really did happen. Its happened to even better people.

So I get to campus late today (thank goodness Crystal who runs the sign in book let me sign in late, though everyone elses had been removed from the counter), and you know what awaited me? A campus tagged up in gold metallic spray paint shit that says “’07 for life!” and other shit reppin’ the Class of 07…the seniors…my seniors. Administration is threatening to cancel all spring events if a culprit doesn’t step forward. Some student suspect that it was really ’08 students, but I’m thinking under the idea that no one reps for other people…which maybe the presumption the taggers are working under to avoid being caught. But some taggers aren’t that smart. Is it bad that I could care less if spring events are cancelled? As much as I love watching students having a great time, I can think of 7 better things to do with my saturday then be at Six Flags.


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