We are Partiers


true life: I’ve been in this chair for 3 hours. So, I have seriously had the worst head….okay, not the worst head ache ever, but it was a head ache and so you know how i feel about that. Last night involved alot of drinks, and fucking a series of jello shots that were made in lemon and orange peels.

I’ve been really lazy all day long. I enjoyed chatting with Mags, watching cable, and spending like 5 minutes preparing for class tomorrow. Yeah…can you tell where my motivation is? I just finished watching this show called True Life: I’m Broke….which is great because, dude I’m not as bad as those folks..so you know, not to feel better about myself becuase of someone else’s misery..i just feel a little better about myself…mainly because I don’t still live at home, I haven’t had to file for bankruptcy, and I’ve kinda gotten a grip on my life, a little bit. Oh, but you know, we’re all a work in progress, and as long as we all keep moving ahead…then fucking fabulous.

I’m glad that hollywood and the academy seem to have become a diverse community of artists. Lets see we had: the unknown (jennifer hudson), the lesbian (mellissa etheridge), blacks, latinos, old people, young people…from the 5-10 minutes that i watched there I was left feeling okay.

Now, and only now, at 10:06pm does my headache dissipate…but the L Word did just begin so we all know it will be back. Soon. I think I will have some beans now.


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