Television actually keeps me from doing things that normal people do….like shower, sleep, clean, go outside. For example, I just got home from the gym. Grabbed a glass of grapefruit juice and some hummus/pita combo and sat back to enjoy Heroes……which is the best fucking show ever! I mean How much do I love flashback episodes. BEST FUCKING SHOW EVER! the plan was to eat food, watch the show, shower, and go to bed…but NO…the fucking Black Donnelly’s are coming on next. Now here is my dellima….do i watch a show i’m pretty sure is gonna get cancelled? Like it looks good enough not to last. When i first heard about Heroes I thought it was gonna be pretty lame…and its great. So i figure the opposite works true as well. I have no idea why I’m typing all this out…maybe its because I totally wish I was in Long Beach a@4620 screaming my head off in amazement. Its way better do that in a group. hugs everyone.


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  1. I’m not able to watch Heroes since Monday nights are spent teaching class, so I watch Heroes tuesday mornings at work off the NBC website, however today the lousy bastidios haven’t uploaded the video files so I can’t watch squat. 😦

  2. I watched about 45 minutes of the Black Donelly Show. and within the last 15 said “fuck it, i dont really care” and went to bed

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