Wine Weekend


So Friday my gang of friends from work decided to take off and head north to Santa Barbra and wine country.

Actually, we’ve had this weekend planned for about a month. It was a half day at school, and I was supposed to head down town to sign my papers with my new job (the guy was sick, so we rescheduled for this weekend), so I took the day off. We didn’t leave LA until about 3 because one of our four was too chicken to skip the staff meeting after school (and we took advantage of having our backs adjusted by my friend’s husband who is a chiroprator). We made it to Santa Barbra around 6, checked into our hotel on State Street, and made a Sideway’s trip out of the whole thing.

Friday night we had dinner at the Hitching Post, an amazing steak house. A-MAZ-ING.

I had the best steak ever, and you know what…I’d already given up guilt for Lent so there was really no reason for me to feel bad about it. DE-LIS-CIOUS!

We’d spent the afternoon driving, and Builleton was at least 45minutes north of Santa Barbra, so we were pretty tired when we made it back at 11pm. So we went to sleep early, and woke up early as well. Saturday morning we took the 154 up into the mountains towards St. Ynez and Solvange. We didn’t really have any plan or map, but we did have the little map we found on line for the Sideways tour, so we tried our best to make that match reality.

The first winery we went to was the Kalyra…where Sandra Oh’s character worked in the movie. Honestly, my feelings for this winery mimicked my feelings for the movie–I wished both had been a bit better. They only had dessert wine that I liked. In total we hit five different winerys, sampling 7 different wines at each location. Between winery 4 and 5 we went to the grocery store to get a bunch of cheese, bread, and salami so that after winery 5 (which was in Solvange- where we got wine for some of our more liked administrators and a good dining wine) we could have lunch.

Solvange is a Dutch village of Solvange that is pretty conservative and is apparently tough on public drinking.

We headed back to Winery 4 because they had tables and enjoyed our decedant lunch…completely drunk. We decided that partaking in the spit/pour out part of the wine tasting ettiquette was a complete waste of resources-though we did so when the wine was gross. I got a great Souvingon Blanc at the Buttonwood winery, and enjoyed the most amazing Voisgner at the Rideaux winery. I realized why we wiill not be partaking reserve tasting rather then normal tasting–because the reserve tastings are much better and more expensive. The great wine we tasted at the Rideaux was only availble by the case, though we could have bought last years bottle…for 75 dollars. We took a nap on Saturday afternoon after our wine tasting, then headed out for a walk down State street to find a bar…because drinking was the goal for the weekend. After passing a bunch of trendy bar restaurants, we decided on dive bar that had a pizza-slice parlor next door! We had more drinks, sang and talked next to the juke box, and just relaxed. I completely forgot that I have to return to school tomorrow. I don’t even know what I want to do tomorrow! I’ll figure it out before I go to bed.

It was really nice to get out of the city for a while. it was very different, but great. I got sets of wine glasses for each winery we visited, and we made good time getting back to the city this morning. It was good, clean fun. Now I want to lay down. I think every weekend for the last three weeks I have been out drinking and having a good time. Nice


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  1. Glad you had an incredible weekend! Wouldn’t have any of that cheese and salami left lying around would you? 😛

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