Oh for fuck’s sake


so I rush home after aerobics to write an IEP that I will have tomorrow morning…only to find that Welligent is down. WHAT THE FUCK! This means I better go to sleep very fucking soon because I’m going to have to wake up super fucking early to be able to write that IEP. I’m going to try to do the parts that I can right now, because I’d rather not wake up super early and I’d rather not have to cancel this IEP meeting. Shit. (After I orginally published this I went back to Welligent and it was working. So I can say that now at 10pm I am finished!)

I spent all day plotting my future. I was sent to an IEP training for writing Transitional plans for post secondary goals, and low and behold my friend Esther is there…goodness, that changed my whole outlook on how my day was going to go. We went to that great Mexican place on Sunset (La Parrilla) and had a margarita, only for me to return and want to fall into a food coma. Goodness. Afterwards she took me to her high school, which is located in the World Trade Center downtown because its permanent site has not be built yet. Man, next year is going to be insane for me. Just insane. But I am so glad for it! She gave me a ton of advice, and some paperwork that will be really helpful. I also got to meet the Director of Education or something like that who is my go-to person if there are any questions I can’t answer on my own (like when will we know who is to be enrolled so that I can look through each file with a fine tooth comb. Its going to be really interesting being in charge of everything. Its going to be really interesting having to set expectations for my colleagues (example: turning your lesson plans in 2-3 days in advance so that I can provide suggestions for modifications and accomodations). It makes me really glad that when it came to LMU, the Special Ed program was actually pretty rigorous compared to what I’ve heard of the single subject program.

Oh, in case you’re wondering….I signed my letter of intent/contract today. I’m officially hired. I’m officially going to make $7000 more next year. Fuck. Isn’t that nice. Its going to be more work then ever. I’m probably going to start going to teh 9:45 aerobics class because I’ll be at work so late. I might even take up jogging to be able to fit in working out because I’ll be spending so much time on campus. But i’m excited. And blessed. Yeah! Okay, so I’m off to make the Welligent work. Fucking better work. hugs.


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  1. 7 grand. Whoah Nelly. Congrats. Dont work too hard. We’ll have to celebrate when I’m done there… in less than 2 weeks!

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