So, everytime I watch King Kong I find myself oddly attracted to Adrien Brody. I’m not even convinced he speaks English, though I’ve seen him do so many times. I know he’s American. I’m just not totally convinced. He looks like an alien. I can’t believe he won the best actor Oscar (not that I saw the movie, which i heard was amazing….ly sad). he’s too young. But he is totally attractive in King Kong. What is wrong with me? Whenever I find myself attracted to white guys, its usually because I know they’ve dated other black girls, or are not complete tools…possibly both, but mostly because they’ve dated other black girls. Maybe its because he kissed Halle Berry? I don’t know, but I’m really searching high and low to figure out why I’m attracted to Adrien Brody…the alien. I’m also oddly attracted to Christian Bale, but that one is much easier to validate. I mean, really, who wouldn’t be attracted to Bruce Wayne?

Apparently Adrien Brody is way into hip hop and is being mentored by RZA (as per Wikipedia) and raps…with P.Diddy (as per Maggie). Its like those two things cancel each other out. What is wrong with me? Its like this year’s list of white guys i would date is going to be filled with funny looking men who are most definitely Jewish or British or both. And he looks OLD! Not to be ageist. i’m just concerned about myself right now. Lets see, I’ve seen him play a gay for pay punk rocker in Son of Sam, I’ve seen him play slightly mentally retarded in that horrible movie by M. Night Shamalan (the Village). I’ve seen him play a love sick writer in King Kong. I guess when it comes down to it, I much prefer a writer to the other two choices. Is it possible that 4 weekends of debauchery have led to alcohol eating away at my brain?


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  1. Maybe what you’re liking is also something that’s out of reach. I’ve heard Adrien is actually gay, is this true? Now I’m not saying this to douse your fire, because I know Christen Bale is straight, and hot, and I’m a confident hetero to be able say such things, which leads me back to Adrien. I don’t think he looks funny, just original and not ugly. You got a good choice in men candy Candyce 😉 but tell us do you have any asian or hispanic men candy crushes?

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