Mission Improbable


So its 4:15pm and I’m sitting in my chair instead of being sprawled across my bed because Mission Impossible:1 is on, and despite its lameness, I love this movie. I’m a fan of all the MI movies, and really I don’t want to fall asleep. I want to see it. I also think Mags is in town so I”m waiting for either her or her boyfriend to text me back with the affirmative. Fucking Day Light Savings is fucking with my life. I am exhausted. assholes.I should be riting my tests for my students tomorrow! I love test day. it means I have less work to do during the actual class period. I’m considering making their tests extra long so that I can grade their note books. I pitched the idea of having a homework bootcamp twice a week to some of my failing students and they liked the idea. this will be a good use of time for myself and them…so, we’ll see how it goes.

I think Walter was right when he said that I may be attracted to the unattainable. I’m glad I’m not the type of girl whose ever wanted something my friends have, because that would be messed up. But a few months ago I had a particulary hot dream starring an older co-worker and myself, then I saw this co-worker the next day and he smiled at me like we had shared the same dream. I’m rest assured that he didn’t, however when I saw him today he came over and we chatted it up a bit in front of my students. When he walked away, my students—oh, they are bold ones, yes they are—were like, “oh Miss, you were flirting!” “Looking at you, you’re glowing. Look at your eyes.” to which i responded, “you can’t even see my eyes (I was wearing sunglasses)!” and they were like “yes you can” at which point this dark black girl blushed and told them to hush. Sometimes, we waste time like that. I’m sure we could have been more efficient with our time but we were outside, it was so warm, and i was so tired so today was a little less strenuous then usual. I think they appreciate it. Anyways, this dude is like as old as my mom at least–which isn’t very old–has a law degree, is really involved with his community, and pretty well established. did i mention he’s married? With kids? he like coaches his daughter’s softball team. Its all so incredibly attractive. what is wrong with me? Beside the fact that my house is a mess, i’m exhausted, and need to write three, no two, tests. argh. I need some red grapefruit juice.


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  1. There’s nothing wrong with having very high goals, or craving the unattainable, but sometimes, more often than imagined, the universe grants* what it is your wishing even if it is unattainable, so the question is, will you still want it?

    *Laws of Attraction: Whatever you think comes to you, whether you want it or not. ie Truly Believe your day sucks, and it will. Truly Believe that it’s great and you’ll wish the day never ended. Think long enough about a particular thing, or person and it will be attracted to you, even if he is married with children, older, but incredibly HOT!!!

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