Black Princess


Hey! Fucking finally…Disney is making a movie with a black princess!!!!! And its not starring animated animals voiced by black actors. Yes! This is the coolest shit ever! They’ve made movies with traditional Euro-centric princess, a Chinese Princess, an Arabian princess, mermaid princesses, bug princess, African lion princes, car prince-like characters…and now, finally, a movie with a black princess. From New Orleans. Fucking Disney just like quadrupled their profit margin for 2009 when the movie is released. I know my family alone will buy all the shit that comes along with this black princess, just so that my niece has as many black princess dolls as she does white-Asian-bug princess dolls. It also means that families are going to have to go back to Disneyland to meet the black princess and have her picture taken with the black princess. My family alone spent $1000 or more-easy- when we visited Disneyland last may, and that’s not including airfare. Crazy. It means a lot to see oneself reflected in the larger scheme of things…it will especially mean allot to the growing generations of girls. All girls. Next from Disney: The Latina princess and her Indian princess friend head out for an adventure…


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  1. A B.A.P.’s (Black American Princesses) movie from Disney, FINALLY! It’ll be a good change from the typical Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast rigmarole.

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