the magic bullet


so I finally got my hair done. Not that its been forever, its just that it almost didn’t happen. I get there, though I’ve been thinking to myself that I should have called before hand to confirm, I didn’t. So, when I get there I don’t have an appointment becuase something was lost in teh communication between myself and her answring service. She fit me in for a time that was about 2 hours later then when I hoped to see her, but I didn’t care too much because I went shopping instead! And ended up finding that amazing pair of pants i was looking for last weekend, but didn’t find, which led to me purchasing a ridiculously expensive pair of jeans that fit me like a glove. So now I have two pairs of amazing pants, and a lime green tank top for which i’ve been looking for weeks, and I also have newly relaxed hair. Let’s just see how long that lasts under the pressure 3x weekly aerobics classes. Point of clarification: the aerobics instrutor isn’t married…for all i know. The older teacher is married…which is why I don’t particularly care for the dream i had with him in it.

2007 has been a year of inspiring carpe diem. I get a new job that promises to be challenging and financially satisfying…for now. and today while getting my hair blown out, the stylist was telling me about how she decided to become a therapist, and just went for it and how just going for it has been her philosophy and its worked out so far. I have to agree…its worked out for me thus far when its come to my career. However, she was telling me about how she spent 3 months in Mexico becoming professionally and conversantly fluent in Spanish for about $5,000. Which is a part of my ten year plan. It would be invaluable for what I want to do and what I’m about to do. If I can stay focused and disciplined, instead of saving to move next year I could save to go to Mexico for the summer to develop some professional clout. the ability to communicate with my student’s parents in a way that doesn’t seem completely mentally deficient. So, I don’t know…its a great plan though.

I’m getting my transmission flushed early tomorrow morning…earlier then when I head to work usually. I want to be the first at the dealership so that I can get it knocked out as early as possible. Wish me luck.


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  1. Wow, moving to Mexico would be a really good way to immerse yourself and learn the language, but something tells me you could probably do it for way less than 5000 grand, unless of course you’re staying at some place really ritzy. I’m wanting to learn Spanish this summer, but it’s going to be with Gabby as a father/daughter thing, and as way for me to sneak something educational and constructive. I’ve got the listen and learn Spanish cd’s I’ve copied from my local library, they don’t require a textbook, and we’ll give those a try. I’ll keep ya informed on how it goes.

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