Post Partum?


have you ever listened to Gwen Stefani’s “Sweet Escape”? Its like an ode to post partum depression. okay, maybe not quite as severe, but definitely a nod to new mother’s everywhere who are just trying to get through the mood swings, and their new roles as mothers, as well as being a wife. Go ahead, listen to the lyrics. I’ve heard them thoroughly while bouncing up and down, pretending I was hitting a boxing bag.

I got some kid suspended today. Poor, dumb fuck. He had an exacto knife up his sleeve, and was fiddling with it so of course i saw it, and of course i took it from him and gave it to the dean…who will be my new principal. I like this kid, don’t get me wrong, but shit…if we’re going to carry tools of vandalism around, lets keep them in our bags, shall we. I had to actually have my actions validated by the school nurse and a few other women to ensure that I had made the right decision. I don’t know why, but I felt like a “hater”…except its what I’m supposed to do. Its not a citeable offense by the cops, but you know, say some kid was giving him shit after school and they proceeded to have a fight. Just having that exacto knife on his persons could get him in big trouble. Instead, he gets a two days suspension, which is tantamount to a vacation. I kind of hope he thanks me and completes a bit of homework in this down time. Fucking not likely.

A.I. update: touched my hand, twice, while we chatted for a bit. I overheard that he’s having surgery, and will be on crutches, so (pout, pout) I may not get to see him unless I sign up for body conditioning…which is a pay class. Um…no. Thanks.

Shals is in town with The Butler, which will be great to see them tomorrow. I am pumped to see them, though i will excercise a little restraint in the food/alcohol consumption arena. I managed to this evening by declining going out to dinner (it would ahve been the third time in three days, and it would have been more thai food), because I am going out to eat tomorrow. Better choices. and its all relatively simple.


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