lost without you


so its been about a week since i’ve posted anything. Its been a pretty festive week at that. Shals and her wonderful girlfriend, Julie, came into town to go to the Amy Winehouse concert at the Roxy on Monday. We had Roscoe’s on Tuesday night, and Julie thought I didn’t like her! Which is exactly the opposite of true, becuase she is fucking fabulous. Love her. She’s so fucking down to earth. Just a really down ass white chick. those chicken and waffles tasted amazing and it took me forever to finish my food because i think i am progressively trying to desensitize that nerve in my stomach that senses when i’m full, because i can go all the way. Which is what happened Friday when I got loaded at Bean’s birthday party. His girlfriend and I are good friends and so when i started to get the spins, she, Kars, and Kars’ sister were my spotters and made sure I didn’t fall down. I eventually climbed into Bean’s girlfriend’s bed and waited for everyone to fucking leave. I didn’t hurl, and I didn’t wake up with a headache. I did consume 1000 calories for breakfast on Saturday before meeting Mags and cliff for maragaritas at his place. Apparently, when you already have Magarita mix, there is no reason to add more triple sec or curacoa. Who knew? Not me…and I ended up getting all drunk again. Breakfast at the pantry is always good…can someone tell me the secret behind good bacon? I pretty much spent the weekend in an intoxicated state of mind that left me slightly in a haze on one good friend’s furniture or another. I didn’t make it back to my apartment until late sunday night. Its testing week, which means that I’ve had to plan the events for this week. I like how I am a defacto activities coordinator. Myself, and two other teachers, that is. Does “that is” have a comma before it? Hmmm. anyway, that means that for the next htree days I will spend four hours entertaining 17 year olds in the auditorium of our school, while the underclassmen test in their recordrooms. It also means that when we finally meet for class in the afternoon, my students will be wiped bare and completley useless to me. Testing slightly ruins spring semester. because I ate my weight in calories this weekend I am enlisting a pretty nutrious week (ie salads for lunch). Now i need some apple juice and a shower. i’m still trying to recover from this weekend despite having headed to aerobics class.


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