So, I spent the entire weekend in Silverlake with Bunny. It was like a reunion of sorts. This is what usually happens when I see Bunny: we watch a ton of movies, drink alot, and have adventures throughout Los Angeles. This time we viewed her potential new condo, and had brunch at the Farmer’s Market in the Grove. It was nice to just relax and be in her apartment. Its such a calming and wonderful place. I’m finally home and wanting to make my home as welcoming. I want one of the condos we looked at! I’m a complete sucker for design and marketing. I was blown away by the demo condos we viewed. I ended up talking to the female sales person about it, and now that I think of it, I was probably more impressed by their design then i was by the actual condos. I know for a fact that the apartments in the building across the street are laid out exactly the same (I’ve been in them), so it wasn’t anything new, but just familiar. I figure I’ve got my plans in order properly that i will have enough time to get what i want when i’m ready for it. Right now, i’m not ready for it. Right now, I’m ready to play with its interactive planner on the website. It gave me a moment to try to figure out what I want to do this weekend. I’m thinking dancing on thursdsay, and breakfast brunch on friday. I don’t know. Too many possibilities. I know I’m definetely taking Friday off though. And I believe many people have spring break this week, so maybe they’ll join me for brunch! hmmmmmmmm.


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