“why do your feet move like that son?” “they’re happy, too.”

Penguins are super cute. Well, at least animated ones are. I’ve never seen real ones, so i’m not even sure they exist. but if they do exists (i’m kidding) we have a lot in common…we both like raw fish. last week i had sushi twice, and ended the week really wanting something warm and filling. so i’m having a mid-twenties life crisis. Honestly, i think i’m just bored. there is so much i want to do that i’m paralyzed. i never pictured myelf living in los angeles growing up. i always pictured my self living in New York. then i realized that NYC is fucking cold. So the context of this big picture has changed, but i still want the story to play out the same. i feel like i’m 14, you know that all important age when everything you want to do and want to be changes with the turning hands of the clock. i got this huge blemish on my nose this weekend, so i feel like it was fitting. I’ve enhilated it, because really, i’m shallow that way.

so i’m going nuts for stories and a one bedroom. someone tell e something funny! hugs.


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  1. Tell you something funny? Do you mean funny “ha ha” or funny “queer”? I’ll take a guess you mean the prior.

    This drunk driver gets into a wreck. It’s his second wreck from being drunk, because he’s a dumb ass, but manages to live and wakes up in the hospital with his Doctor by the bed checking his clipboard.

    The Doctor tells his patient, “Sir you’ve been in an accident..,”

    And the stupid patient says with a smile, “Yeah, I was quite drunk.”

    The Doctor interrupts him to finish his sentence, “you were in an accident, and I have good news and bad news.”

    The stupid patient asks for the bad news first.

    The Doctor says, “We had to amputate your feet.”

    The stupid patient starts crying, weeping for the loss of his feet, but then suddenly stops, and asks, “Doc, what’s the good news?”

    The Doctor replies, “The patient next door wants to buy your slippers.”

    Have a great day. šŸ™‚

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