its 1:35AM and corey’s laying on my floor, listening to his ipod shuffle with the most amazing headphones. i can’t hear a thing he’s listening to. I wonder if he can hear me type. One time, I thought i had my headphones plugged into my laptop while Amanda lay sleeping on my floor…turns out i didn’t. I felt bad.

so my last day of being 25 went like this (from end to beginning)

11:55pm Will ferrell and Jon Heade (?) competed in their first pairs competion in Blades of glory.
10:55pm I suck down a grapefruit juice and grey goose using 3 straws because friends don’t let friends drink alone.
10:35pm I drink a grapefruit juice and belvedere because pre-birthday celebrations deserve the highest quality vodka that a teacher can afford.
10:30 I learn that the tickets I’ve purchased at the Arclight are not for the 21+ showing of blades of glory…that was the 9:55pm showing, at which time i was….
9:55pm praising the wonders of vanilla soymilk, while eating Pinkberry plain with fresh blackberries and strawberries. Amanda is never wrong.
8:45pm Wimpy Burger at fred 62’s medium rare, please. Oh, and a side of Amanda and Corey to spice it up!
8:29pm everyone is texting me, but i don’t feel it because i’ve just heard these two words —technically 3—“Special education lawyer”…wait, those exist?!
8:15pm Amanda and I head out to Fred 62’s while Nate shares with me the dillema of putting up barriers!
7:15pm move heavy book case filled with books to its 3rd location.
6:45pm struggle to balance mattress and realign bedframe lifts.
5:30pm sweep out garage and wonder why the hell my car is so dirty.
5:00pm arrange the school supplies i have “relieved” my supply closet of….they’re mine…i deserve them.
4:30pm run into our office manager and her girlfriend at target, where i nearly forget to purchase the step ladder i went there to buy in the first place.
2:45pm watch streamlined video of steriod filled body builders as a way to connect with my student who has difficulty connecting with other humans…without wanting to hurt them.
1:35pm have students fill my car with my boxes of school books and assorted crap.
12:24pm realize that i have finally been paid for the overtime i worked in NOVEMBER.
9:45am Pay 100% of my bills online before i can forget! am relieved that i can save.
8:59am check bank account to find paycheck has in fact been deposited.
7:35am stroll into front office about 15minutes late, and sigh, “I’m here,” as i sign in late.
7:15am hit the 5 south and contemplate telling adminstration that i won’t be coming backk next year.
6:35am call mom in tears because I haven’t been paid, and fear that, much like many of my coworkers, i won’t be getting paid this much due to a payroll glitch. Lament about the fact that I only have my job to depend on for finances, and if they’re going to fuck with me, then why do it.
5:12am is that a fucking car alarm going off.
12:01am sleep…deep sleep.

I’ll be having breakfast at the Pantry in 8 hours, and will be at Mass in 12 hours. I should go confess my sins before hand, but, as well all know…i gave up guilt for Lent…so what’s the point of going 39 days strong, to only give up on the last day? my friend Irene said that i could walk from Los Feliz to the Cathedral of Angels downtown as my penance, but then remembered that i gave up guilt for Lent…and acknowledged that I’d made the best choice. I know, i know. I had alot of fun with amanda, corey, and the guy infront of us who laughed like he was having an asthma attack. classic. hugs! oh, and happy birthday.


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