Monster House


Apparently, normal people spend their Saturdays recovering from debaucherous friday nights. Last night was my birthday, so let the recovery begin. Actually, I’m lucky to not be hung over, but I am smelly and cold. Let’s recap shall we.

Cores and I were set to have breakfast with Angella and Josh at 10am, but we were ready early and headed to the Target in WeHo. There is nothing like starting your birthday out at Target! We had a delicious breakfast and got all caught up on the accomplishments that have occured in the last few months. Congrats everyone. Go you! Breakfast ended early, so I began to head to highland park when I realized that I’d have to wait around 2-3 hours before anyone else woudl be ready, so i headed home. I decided that the best way to begin my mid to late 20’s is by being financially organized so I purchased Quicken for Macs, and had some “fun” trying to work that out. When I did make my way towards Highland park, I met up with everyone at our favorite local restuarant, El Arco Iris (the Rainbow), to do what we do best: drink. There were tons of friends, tons of tequilla, gallons of margaritas, and gossip. From about 3:30pm until about 8 we drank, and ate, and were loud and had fun…until they asked us to give up our table because our party had widdled from 12 to 4 and they needed the space. I ended up staying on my friend/new principal’s couch and watching the wierdest shit on TV. At one point we wanted to go back out, but then realized that no one was in any shape to drive. I’m seriously going to miss these people next year. I’m really glad that we’ll be able to keep in touch socially….because, honestly, that’s what keeps us all connected anyway. It will be my challege to keep in touch and stay connected. They are super fun, and don’t mind when I make a fool of myself. I don’t quite mind making a fool of myself in front of them either. Alcohol will do that.

I woke up this morning with the intention of spending my target gift card on a DVD player. I’d decided that it would be in my best interest to not buy a couch or a microwave at this time, so instead I bought a dvd player (on sale!) this morning. I also found City of God on sale…FINALLY. Fucking took 4 years to get it to Target and down to 19 bucks from 29. That 10 dollar difference really works for me. So I got City of God, Fame, and MI3 on DVD for my viewing pleasure on my TV. Things look way better on a screen bigger then my laptop. I also managed to find a cute pair of skimmers that don’t make my feet look wide. they actually look my slimmer. this is the first time in my life where I have felt comfortable wearing flats. I’ve never liked them, or the way they make my legs look (shorter…if that is at all possible), or especially the way they make my feet look (longer). I’ve become more comfortable with the way my body is changing (what am I, 14?) and the control i have over that change (pushing it). I’m going to go dancing tonight, hopefully. Little Temple Bar I think for something different. So that means i should wash my hair and continue to take it easy.

Thanks everyone for making my birthday special! I appreciate it!


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