Go Dodgers!!


So, despite slipping into a blood sugar induced coma sometime this afternoon, I’ve had an incredibly productive day. Who cares that I only really got 3 things on my To Do List of 10 completed. I don’t…you know why? Because I’ve begun the creative process of decorating my apartment. Its April. I moved into this place in September. I always have to take time and space away from the whole moving in process and getting settled in before I can begin decorating. When I was in high school it took me 3 years before I decorated my bedroom. I was standing in the wall decor sectionf target talking to Shalimar when I was inspired to paint my picture frames from IKEA and the 99 cent store black to match this beautiful mirror that i plan on going back to buy tomorrow. I got the mirror idea from my friend, Rick, who has a beautiful, yet simple, oval shaped mirror over a dresser in his living room. Its a good center peice. I was thinking of purchasing one of those rounded chairs from Pier 1 today, but decided against it. Rick says that when he buys new furniture I can have his love seat. I don’t know about all that, but I figure I’m going to redecorate on a budget. So far, its only cost be about $3, because I’ve had these frames since last year or even longer. Painting the frames black definitely changed their usefulness. There were a few pictures that I felt didn’t look good in a raw pine frame, but now that they’re black, all the pictures look great. As soon as I’m finished I’ll post pictures on line.

Along with painting 19 picture frames black, shopping at Target, and watching Flip This House on A&E, I also went to the laundry mat and did some laundry. See…fucking progress! I realized today that I can spend hours watching A&E or Court TV. Sick, I know. You know how I know this about myself….its what I did this morning….and for the rest of the day. Don’t judge. You have your issues too!

Before our Dodgers game last night, a bunch of us got together at Rick’s house and had a barbecue. it was good times! I’m trying to see more of the friends I have in this area. I need to make a contacts list and just hang it on my wall. Have it organized by closeness in terms of distance, fun, and availability. Apparently more people that I know live in this area, which is good. I was so freaked out last night though. We had Top Deck tickets…which cost $8, because your sitting at the top of the world. My fear of heights kicked in big time, as I feared that gravity would just pick kids up and drop them straight to the ground. We were acting as chaperones to children we never saw, so we got to go to the game for free. But next time I’m spending the $16 to sit a level down. Insanity.

Tomorrow my goal is to hit the other 7 items on my To Do List, including photocopying my letter of intent and handing it over with my application for a leave of absence from LAUSD. I also plan on finding out how I can decrease my footprint on the world by expanding my recycling efforts. Currently, I recycle all the milk cartons, juice cartons/bottles, cereal boxes, and grocery bags. I reuse my paper bags from Trader Joes as recycling recepticals, and I fold my plastic bags into little bows so that they can be stored easily in one place for easy access and use for things such as lunch bags. I want to find a place where I can recycle those plastic bags, and then go and purchase an insulated reusable lunch bag. I went to find a water bottle that I can just refill when I’m on the go, but wasn’t satisfied with what was at Target, so I’ll continue to reuse the water bottles I’ve collected so far from various vending machines throughout my day. I think I know a place in South Pasadena where I can drop off my plastic bags…and while I’m there, I think I’ll stop in to get a pedicure from my favorite nail salon. I may even go to church. I have this great poster of a black and white photo of these two toddlers bathing in the sink. I want to take it to IKEA and buy a frame for it…something cheap just for right now to get it up on the walls. I should either get some rest or just start working now so that I can do all the things I want to do tomorrow.


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  1. I have two reusable water bottles that I love. One is from Whole Foods and it’s got a top that spins open with a cover. I keep that one at school. The other is a camelback one that I got from a sports store in Culver City. It has a straw and a flip top straw thing to drink out of. It doesn’t leak. It’s the first bottle that I can throw in my gym bag and not have it leak all over. Highly Recommended!

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