head cold


so, i don’t know if i have a head cold, but ever since i walked outside drenched and sweaty into the cold night air on Tuesday night, i’ve had a wierd “tenseness” in my throat and head. Its like the ground work for a head cold is being laid, but i’m beating it back, vigalantly! Like a mad man….by taking naps, and keep warm. I ran around campus today in a sweatshirt and a scarf. I’m sitting in bed typing and drinking 100% ruby red grapefruit juice instead of being at aerobics. It may save my life. Where are my tacos?

I woke up from my nap to Louis Armstrongs, “wonderful world.” Can you guess what was on the TV? Here’s another hint: “And then they shot the black kid…..cause he was black.” Got it? No? Okay, its Bowling for Columbine. I passed out after watching a re-airing of Shear Genius….which, in itself, is sheer genius! Love it. I didn’t get into project runway or top chef because I didn’t have cable until after both seasons ended. Top design, well, it was on during the thickest part of my semester. But, I’m about to go on vacation, and Shear Genius is what I’m all about. I am tired. I realized that when my freshman annoy me, like when one or two of them sit for 20 minutes while my aid and I work one on one with students, without their work….only to reveal to me that they’ve been sitting for 20 minute without their work, I respond to them as if I’ve been personally offended…or like I’m their mother. Example, “Sandra….what should you have done instead of sitting their doing nothing?….No, look at me, what should you have done?” Sandra: “Asked you if i could get my work….” Me: “Go Get Your Work!” Goodness, I can’t wait to get to vacation. Or partial vacation.

You know who I love? America Ferrera. She’s an aries. Like me. I still have a bone to pick with hollywood/tv shows dressing their “plus” sized (re: girls over size 4) actresses in the worst clothes ever. At least, she speaks with dignity. I mean, like an adult. Unlike what happened to Sara Rue.

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