El Chavo


Today was a pretty okay day. I was off campus for the 2nd time this week, this time at a Literacy Cadre meeting. It was nice to take time away from campus. So nice that I text messaged the kids and let them know that I wouldn’t be returning to campus this afternoon at all. Instead I went the Greatlands Target in Burbank (where our meeting was held) and bought a pretty nice microwave. I got the third least expensive model. Those who know me know that this has been a decision i’ve been going back and forth on since February. I just couldn’t see any reason to own a microwave when usually I just cook very simple food. However, twice this week I’ve asked Mags how to reheat something without ruining it, or lamented about a current state of starvation…both times she suggested I needed a microwave. I didn’t want to have that conversation again, because really, I knew it would come up in the next seven days, so I made a pre-emptive strike, and just bought one. This one.
Tomorrow I’m headed to the grocery store for potatoes, lettuce, and frozen tamales. I shall never starve again.

I hung out with my friend, Meg, tonight. We ate dinner at this place called El Chavo. I’m not sure who exactly is writing these reviews, but it seemed like overpriced mediocre Mexican food. I dropped 18 bucks (including tax and tip) on a dinner that didn’t include any alcohol. I got the standard cheese enchiladas combo plate (rice, beans), and added a beef taco…that wasn’t great. Sorely disappointed. So much so that I felt the need to warn you all…don’t eat there. head to La Parrilla. Its like 10x better. i can get the same meal, and have it include the most delicious and intoxicating margarita, for the same amount.

We hung out at my place, drank the wine I got in Santa Barbra, and watched 90 minutes of City of God, before heading out to see Fracture at the Los Feliz 3. We ended up in cinema 2…which is really no wider then a fucking airliner, complete with airline seating, but with much more leg room. What they lack in size, they make up for in volume. Anthony Hopkins plays a man with an irish accent, which caused me to turn to Meg after the film was over and ask, “isn’t he from England?” and she said, “I thought he was Scottish. I really don’t know. I don’t know what’s going on in those british Isle” To which I reply, “yeah, its all the same. Bland food and liqour.” and no sooner do i say that, does the guy in front of us turn around and say…in his british accent…”i take a offense to that!” He was kidding, and was good natured about it, because we weren’t trying to be offensive…and its fucking true. Apparently inadvertently insulting men in regards to movies is what me and my friends, whose names are one syllable and have interchangeable vowels, do. The movie was, eh. I would have probably bought it…from blockbuster…from the previously viewed collection. Thrillers aren’t thrillers anymore. They’re not like Hitchcock. Horror movies are beyond over the top. Movies…a change has come.

I’m working out tomorrow morning. My throat feels a little better, so I assume that I beat my cold into submission. Suddenly, I’m a slight bit overwhelmed by the idea of moving to a new school. Its a new adventure, that warrants a healthy dose of anticipation and a slight bit of anxiety. As long as I keep my shit together, I should be able to deal. I need to go run it out. Or eliptical it out I should say. Whatever. I think this will be the break I need from working with children all the time. I’m more then happy to take that break. I watched the female attorney in this film and felt a little bit of jealousy…but i don’t know why. I want to try something different. I just don’t know what. Or how. business that lets me leave my work at work, and my life at home. we’ll see how it all works out. I’ve got a pretty good plan all set up in that I am going to put in my 9 years and have a large part of my loans taken care of. I look forward to bettering my self and expanding my education during this time. i’m ready for change, you know. Ready for it.

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