A scott’s lawn


I like where I am in life right now. I’m 26. I work, I work out, and I party. This is exactly what i’m supposed to be doing with my life. I like partying on the weekends, becuase it gives me an excuse to lay on my bed, extremely happy about the damage i’ve done to my body. Last night was a great party. GREAT! This girl Kim, who i’ve only partied with once before, was having a birthday party, so Esther say I should come along. It was just a really fun night that started with carne asada the way it should be: flat, marinated steak…not cut up peices of meat! Don’t cut my meat for me…I can do it myself. Actually, I just prefer it flat. the waiter laughed at me when I took this picture, but its been 4 years of mexican food, and this is the first time I’ve found carne asada the way I’m used to eating it.

Esther is displaying the frosty margaritas that are oh, so delicious….and act quite like a truth serum. You get alcohol in me, and hilarity ensues. So says Esther at least. We were at La Parrilla. Delicious and satisfying even down to its valet parking…which is donation based!

Kim’s party was rockin. Esther and I had a good deal to drink at La Parrilla, but that didn’t stop either of us. Here is a sampling of some of the additional alcohol that we drank:

Keep in mind this doesn’t include the mixed drinks or the beer. It was wild, and loud…and there were a smattering of attractive straight boys, which was pleasantly suprising. There was this really cute guy who looks alot like a friend’s brother in law down in San Diego. He was one of the ones that ended up staying until the end and helped us clean up afterwards, then joined us on our trip to Fred’s 62 for late night breakfast. He’s cute, nice, knows Kim and her roommate…so, I’m going to have to hang out with her more. I just like knowing other young people in the area. I didn’t climb into bed until 5 am and was woken from slumber by several different sounds, so I climbed out of bed around 10:45am. which explains why I spent much of yesterday napping and laying around….I was preparing. now it’s time for lunch. where is my cereal?


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  1. Somethings missing. Where’s the unbridled passionate, but safe sex? Are you holding out on us, or are you choosing to be celibate?

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