Prom 2007


So, as you all know, prom is around the corner. Next weekend in fact. I need your help. I need to order a top to go with my killer heather grey silk suit from banana republic. So, I’m holding a vote. I need to get some input from my adoring fans. Be warned: both are fairly racy, but they’re exactly as I pictured it. So here they are:

Choice A: I saw this one first, and just about died…it was exactly what I’d pictured in my mind earlier. I know, its a bit racy, but it would be under a jacket as long as i wasn’t eating. and my boobs don’t do that.

Choice B: Slightly more conservative, but still sexy. Sexy is the key when you’re going for dressy, yet only wearing a suit. I believe it may be slightly more flattering.

I mean really, whihc one would Miss Monique be down for? Its one of my last events at my high school, so I wanna go out with a bang. Help me out! both options will require me to give up carbs for the next 12 days…(ha! who am i kidding? Less carbs certainly, more soy/protein based products…yum). Who wants to make a bet that I will break that fast? Huh, bring it. See it, and Be it.

aside….can you believe Heros tonight! Holy crap! Why are they following it with wedding crashers?! I would be at the gym right now if it weren’t for the wine I’m enjoying. where the fuck is my remote?


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  1. Go for Choice A, and don’t you dare chicken out and go for Choice B. Choice B by the way is meant to be worn alone, no top, while Choice A is meant with a top or not. If the model comes with Choice A, send her my way. 😛

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