So…FOX has cancelled my husband’s show!!! this is why i tend to not watch the first few episodes of a new show…not until i see that it has staying power. Because I get invested…then it gets cancelled. argh. why, oh why? I have developed this habit of sleeping through my Monday-Wednesday aerobics class lately. This is the third week during which I’ve come home and taken a nap instead of hitting the gym. So, today I just hit the gym after I woke up. So now I’m tired again, which eases any worry about whether i will be able to fall asleep again. This is boring you, I know. But, this is all I am capable of wrapping my brain around as I try not to be too sad about leaving my kids. It seems like the more stand-offish I am with them, the more htey want to get close….which just makes it harder. I have to tell my SDC students tomorrow, because I’ve been putting it off as long as possible. Everyday I’m learning so much more from the professionals around me, and I have so much fun with my friends from work. I am just meeting the next challenge in maintaining relationships…and that’s distance. Eek. Everyone knows I could be better at that. But I do what I can, and I know I can do better. I know I can do better in alot of areas. Did I just see a Digorno commercial with Tracey Morgan? Has it really been since november since I’ve eaten frozen pizza? will not teaching special ed allow me to regain some ability to spell correctly the first time? The world will never know?


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