So, I’ll admit it…i kind of like the new Avril Lavigne song, “Girlfriend”. I have a tendency to like an artist the more they’re less alternative. Its just like I liked the song “Extraordinary” by Liz Phair when it came out years after her initial album. All her fans went ape shit, crying “sell out” and “traitor”. Same thing happened to Nelly Furtado with this newest CD she’s put out. I say, suck it. Artist are multifaceted people, why should their music be dicated by my taste or someone elses. Its like food, you don’t like it, don’t bite. Don’t take it so fucking personal. Though I will admit that I thought “Sk8tr Girl” Avril was lame, juvenile, and, well, acting her age at the time. And Oh, so Canadian.

I’m in a much better place yesterday. My mom let me bitch to her, after which she bitched back. Then I was advised to notify a higher authority if I felt someone’s actions were not only unethical, but would eventually come back to bite me in the ass. That advice made me a little less stressed out, though it was following some other news that was very stressful. Whatever. I look much better in the shirt i got from VS…I will download a picture later. It just needed a different bra to create a more defined silhouette. I went to MAC this afternoon and got a concealer (so much better then my old concealer that was too dark, and too heavy), a brush (i love my tools!), and a sheer red lipstick. I came home and washed it all off because I was going to aerobics later, but i tried to recreate the look, hoping that i could use the concealer with out any foundation, just sheer powder. I don’t know why i’m telling you this. So, i’m gonna try again, becuase skin looks very different when it is freshy washed from when its been given time to develop natural oils. And you don’t care about this at all.

ANYWAY, I’m going to wear my new shirt with slim pants and new heels that I will break in tomorrow. I was hoping that I could find some killer patent leather red heels or slim wedges, but alas I could not. I like these shoes though. So, it looks like I only have two more days of bullshit before prom is over. At least I get to sleep in tomorrow. Don’t worry, you’ll hear about it if shit hits the fan.


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