I didn’t totally forget about this. You know, we mention it jokingly from time to time, especially after listening to “I’m a flirt”…but, the article brings up a suprisingly good point. I mean, when you put it into perspective, five years and six albums…all while awaiting trial is kinda spectacular. What did Phil Spector do with all that free time before his trial began? NOTHING…just grew his hair into the scariest looking Afro this side of a Diana Ross. Now he has this horrible page boy hair cut…my goodness. You know he got that because his attorneys were like, “Ahhhhh…your hair is frightening! I’d convict you on that alone!”

Anyway, back to R….i like the part about how they don’t want the public to view the tape becuase it will embarass the girl who was involved…who is now in her mid 20s. Ha! She should have been embarassed when she let R. Kelly pee on her. Not to demonize the victim…I’m just sayin. Sparkle should feel really bad…really, really, really bad for getting this young woman involved. Hence, entertainment career karma.

Crazy celebrities!


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