Prom, sweet prom. How glad I am that you’re over. I’m can’t even talk about it. I’m still too tired. The kids were great. The week leading up to prom, including the very minutes before students started to arrive, has left me with post traumatic stress disorder. The rest of the night went off really, really well. My outfit and hair were great. My friends were chaperones and were awesome. The kids were great. Al Roker was there at the beginning. I didn’t get food poisoning. I just don’t want to talk about it right now. Maybe later. Maybe a picture journal.

What I do want to talk about is the drunken David Hasselhoff video made by his own daughters. What?! His ex-wife must be eating this shit up. Apparently, it was made by his daughters because they wanted to show him what he was like when he was drunk (a binge eater, obviously) to push him back on the wagon. Awesome.

Or even better, that Paris Hilton has been sentenced to 45 days in jail. Every group of people I run into bring this up. I feel like on the day that she actually goes to jail (appeals process permitting), there may be a few parties going on.

I bought a pair of great shoes today from the nikeWomen store in The Grove on Fairfax. The Grove has this enormous parking structure from which, when you stand on its 6th floor, it is possible to see the studios, the Hollywood hills, the Pacific Design center, fucking the coolest parts of living anywhere near Hollywood/West Hollywood. When I was looking out over the city on this beautifully clear day I had this thought that it was incredible that I was here, living in Los Angeles, and how proud my mom must be. I know it sounds crazy, but you think about your life and where you’ve been, and where you thought you were headed, and for me, Los Angeles was never where I expected to land, but I’m incredibly happy to be here. Up until the day I received my letter from TFA informing me that I’d been placed in LA, I’d assumed that I would end up in New York or Chicago. Los Angeles was not on my list…probably because I couldn’t drive. But now, I can cruise the streets, and do so in the sun! Cuál me hace muy, muy feliz.

I went to nikeWomen becuase I needed new shoes for aerobics. I’ve been going to at least 3 classes a week, and last week, HAI (hot aerobics instructor) Robert put his hand on my shoulder and said to me, “you should get different shoes.” See, we’re totally having babies! (This is a good example of how insane last week was for me, because I didn’t even blog about this or several other encounters we had! Insane week.) I wear shoes from Payless just about everywhere, except for my chanclas (Rainbows) or my boots (Easy Spirit/Aerosoles), which are not good for the amount of jumping we do…i can feel the floor beneath my feet like I’m barefooted. I did shop around for shoes before heading to nikeWomen, I just couldn’t find what I was looking for in my size. that’s the deal breaker. I can find tons of cute shoes at discount stores like Ross or Off Broadway shoes… but never in my size. So I anted up the cash (which was actualy 10 dollars cheaper then I expected to pay) for these shoes. Oddly, in my online search I never saw these shoes, but I’m glad they were in the store. I did some jumping, jogging in place, and running the stairs to see how they’ll fair, and I think they’ll work just fine. My feet will thank me…which they’re not doing right now because they’re still pissed about last night.

On my way home from the prom i saw three different car accidents that looked pretty serious. The first one involved a sports car that most certainly ended up going through the shrubbery that acts as a divider on Baldwin Ave in Arcadia. I’ve never seen anything like that. The worst one was on Los Feliz Blvd. as i exited the freeway. There were two fire trucks…but no cars that I could see (trucks were obstructing my view). I’m very glad that I didn’t end up drinking at all last night…though I wish that I had. I didn’t drink much of anything which is probably why I’ve had a pretty bad head ache all day. I’m off to rehydrate, admire my shoes, and read Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City. I had dinner with my friend Maegan, who lives with my friend’s Walter and Monica, and Monica has the whole series…so, ya’ll now know what I’m going to be reading for the entire summer. Also, I don’t have to go into work yet tomorrow (I’m on call).


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  1. Why does mention of Paris Hilton always bring about the subject of shoes? 😉

    I actually feel bad for David Hasselhoff. Drunk of his butt, and eating a burger on the floor, and telling his daughter that he drinks because he’s lonely and misses his kids. I can’t tell if he’s BS-ing or telling the truth, and I’m thinking the latter because he was so drunk, and when people are drunk the truth tends to come out.

    On the other hand I’d like to pimp slap Alec Baldwin for his non excusable threat and tone of voice to his daughter.

    I bought a new pair of jogging shoes last night by the way. I won’t mention the brand, but I will confess to purchasing them at Target.

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