Sundays at Barney’s


Happy Mother’s day, you know, to all you mothers and children of mothers. so, for mother’s day, Esther and I went to Barney’s in Old TownPasadena. This establishment is not to be confused with Barney’s Beanery, which is actually down the street. Barney’s is a pub with miraculous fish and chips-beer battered, not that shitty, soggy temura. I swear, it has life saving powers. Anyway, neither of our mothers is really in the picture (mines being in Seattle, hers being…well, dead), I called her up around 10 and said to be ready by 11:30 becuase we were going for brunch in Pasadena. Can I just say that beer is an excellent first drink of the day. Just fucking great. Cold, crisp, delicious. And knowing that the sun is shining, and will be shining when you walk out the door, is fucking awesome. We’ve decided that this must happen at least twice a month. We sat at the bar, eating fish and chips (me) and a Santa Fe chicken salad (her…what?! Esther always does that when we go out), drinking beer, discussing our love lives (oh, lord, [head placed in my hands, shaking my head in disgust] world of hurt), discussing some of your love lives (shalimar!) and how to save the world.

Can i just say that i love LOGO. What a crazy great channel. Everytime I turn there, some gay kid is denying he’s gay, trying to have sex with some girl, while the audience just knows that’s not going to work. And its failrly ethnically diverse in its series also. Apparently, there is this show called “Noah’s Arc”, which is like the black, gay male version of CW’s “Girlfriends.” I’ve never seen it, but I’ve also never seen a show cast completely by black men. Now there is a cultural studies paper in this topic somehow. And long live Wilson Cruz! I’d always wondered what happened to Ricky from My So Called Life. And he’s still fucking hot. More hot now then ever. Crap! I know this guy Justin, who is a friend of my friend Steven…who is way fucking fucking hot. Like, just a good lucking sucessful black man…who is gayier then the day is long. He’s not flaming, which is why it was so confusing the first time i met him…cuz he’s butch in his way, and hot…and just happens to have sex with men. Story of my life. When you’re that good lucking, I guess everyone wants to have sex with you. And he’s a graphic artist…and we know how I feel about those!

What i think i like most about the idea of this show, is that i honestly believe that this is a cast of actually gay black men. Homophobia being what it is in the black community, its a long shot that one would find a group of straight black men to portray gay men in Los Angeles. A few here and there, but not a large, supporting cast. Granted, being what “gettin’ paid” is in the black community, money does keep one runnin. Hmmm…do you think money is what the Doobie brothers were singing about in that song?


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  1. Ohh, I spent Mother’s Day discussing straight sex with my het friend Amy E whist drinking Markers on the rocks with a splash of lime.

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