statue of limitation


so, i’ve bought my plane ticket for home. three weeks in July. its almost my entire time off, which i need. thre eweks gives me enough time to move around, see folks, and take a breather for a bit. be away from everything, so that i can come back refreshed.
I’ve been pretty good about being up and at ’em this weekend. I went to a baseball game yesterday- The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (eyeroll) vs. The Los Angeles Dodgers. Its called “A Freeway Series” because both teams are at opposite sides of the freeway- Dodgers up north in Echo Park, Angels down south in Anahiem…the smallest city in the world. The only things it has going for it are Disney Land, The Honda Center (nee The Pond) and the Angels…but just barely because, well, they’re now the Los Angeles Angels of Anahiem…Anaheim…which isn’t in Los Angeles County, or Los Angeles city. Its a marketing plow, which the Angel’s owners are good at. That stadium is wall to wall advertising, and is a pretty nice place. This was only the second time I’d ever been there, but this time I was in club house seats along the first base line. See:

In the club house seats waiters bring you your food if you so wish. I, personally, didn’t…but my friends, Angie and her husband, did…and it was pretty cool. Friday night was a birthday party for our head counselor in Little Tokyo. Little Tokyo is a way fucking nice little enclave in downtown, sandwiched between the industrial looking areas. I have driven past there time after time, but never knew that if I’d turn right, I would have ended up in an area that looks much like where I’d love to live someday. Today, i’m just chillin in my living room/bedroom. its like I want to leave, I just have no idea of where to go. its been a really wierd week. really wierd.

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