Dancing with the Stars


Fucking wikipedia fucking spoiled Dancing with the Stars for me! I don’t mind spoiling stupid movies that I won’t spend the money to see, but I was really looking forward to anticipating the ending and weighing performances…fucking wikipedia. i was researching Joey fatone and the fucking results were right there! I read them, inadvertently, within the first 10 minutes of the west coast broadcast. Fucking Mr. Timnus looking asshole. Argh. But i love that show. I love it, I love it, I love it. I spent a short time this afternoon watching Laila Ali clips on YouTub and being blown away. Dancing is the most awesome thing ever. EVER! Nohting compares to it…though drinking comes close. And so does sleeping…whatever. I can’t even watch the 2nd hour because there is no use. Sigh.

It has inspired me to go find some of the songs they’ve been dancing to, because I love them. Like Irene Cara’s “Fame” which led to me downloading her radiant rendition of “out here on my own.” Sad thing is…I actually own the soundtrack to Fame…as well as two formats of the movie: one in VHS, the other in DVD. I love that movie. I would actually sing Fame at karaoke…and I hate karaoke.

Speaking of Fame, when I was in Madrid, there was actually a production of Fame (or Fama!) in the works. When I saw the larger then life poster, in its classic black background and red script, I went dancing down the street singing “Fame! I’m gonna live forever! Baby remember my name…Fame!” This…scared all of the students.

I’ve been dizzy for the most part of the afternoon, but I pushed through aerobics (its not okay to do isometrics whenyou feel like you’re going to fall over) and must now figure out what I want to eat for lunch tomorrow so that I don’t end up ordering food from In and Out again tomorrow.

My mother is really enjoying working as a Teacher’s ASsistant in Special education classrooms. we had a long talk about it tonight, which reaffirmed her decision and reaffirmed my place in the educational system. I’m glad this path has led me here, and put me in a place where i can move forward in this system and still effect the lives of adolescences. I need to learn to be more patient with general education students…they generally drive me nuts. I don’t get stressed out about any part of my job, except the part that involves the general ed seniors. Fuck. Sometimes I can’t believe they’re actually going to college. Like, they’ll do shit, and I think to myself, “Wait…you’re dumbass is going to college?” or “how in the hell have you lived this long?” becuase sometimes, they make choices that really put their lives in danger…of being killed…by me. Kidding. But, no I’m serious. Case in point: there is a student we that we took to Spain last year. Drove everyone insane. should have been in general ed, but was still classified as special ed because her father refused to sign the papers to exit her from special education because he still wanted to recieved DIS services, though his daughter was functioning well out of the range of what would qualify as one requiring the restricted environment or assistance that comes with being a part of the special education program. She was in Algebra 2, the pre-requisite for trigonometry, a class that a small percentage of our general educaiton students…our average functioning students…actually make it to. Anyway, in Spain she fucking was walking on the opposite side of the street from all of us, and got it into her head that she needed to be on our side of the street (she was walking down a grassy divider that was rather thick, but fenced in and not for strolling). So, she begins to cross the street…she begins to run across the street…in front of a bus. And almost gets hit by this bus. In spain. On day two of our trip. This totally set the tone for the entire trip. And was actually the premeire of both previous thoughts: “your ass is going to college?” (which she did…for a bit) and “How in the hell have you lived this long?” (which is still a mystery to everyone.)

Being a high school teacher is fairly interesting. Wierd things happen, like students will find you on myspace and invite you to be their friend. I find this acceptable, because my Myspace page is PG-13, and I only accept students who have graduated or that I really like (who have by now graduated, come to think of it). But there have a few students who have invited me to be their friend, to which I have actually said out loud… to Kars, as a matter of fact, that I would not speak to this child if I were this child’s peer. Like, we would not be “friends” if I weren’t your teacher…so no, you cannot be my myspace friend. Is that mean?

These have just been examples of the kind of thoughts one has when she is only 8 years older then the students of whom she is in charge. This is not a good combination. I can’t wait until mid-August, when all of the students i have contact with will be 14 or 15…and the age difference will be much greater. Can’t wait.


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