Baker, Baker


I tried out a new strategy for napping: listening to music while I do so. I’m a very light sleeper, so listening to music to get a good night’s rest is out of the question. However, listening to music to ensure that I will remain conscious enough to rise at the proper time was helpful in making me get out of bed and getting my butt to aerobics on time…so I’ll keep trying this out. Today’s playlist consisted of Tori Amos’s Greatest Hits. Man. I first listened to Tori Amos in 1994, and steadily throughout high school. She is a great pianist and lyricist, with songs filled with emotions that I didn’t quite understand but mirrored my own at the time. I stopped listening to her my senior year of high school, and didn’t come upon her again until my junior year of college when I met my friend Chris. Chris is a Tori-fanatic, and couldn’t understand why I’d stopped listening to her. My response: I’m not that depressed any more. Her music is not the kind you dance to, and use to celebrate life…its not dark and gothic either…its just deep. Its interesting listening to it from a different perspective now. Its also interesting to still remember all the words to most of her songs.

So, i did the wierdest thing this evening. I happened up on a Myspace video of its Mystery Panel they held at Comic Con 2007 in New York. It was a panel of comic book artists whose identities were undisclosed until the time of the panel, in order to suprise the few hundred of attendees who were true die hards. I’m not a die hard comic fan. My exposure to comic genius comes in the form of movies based on comics (Batman, Spiderman, XMen, League of Extraordinary Men,etc.) or through boys who like comics. Anyway, so I watched the video, because, you know, whatever. And on the panel is this guy who does the penciling for All Star Batman and Robin, named Jim Lee. I have to tell you that I found him incredibly attractive for a 42 year old Korean penciler. HOT. I added him as a myspace friend. Totally hot. Hot as in he would spend his free time surfing, listening to Pink Floyd or sitting on the porch of his beach house drinking hot tea and watching the sun set. Or smoking hash and fucking all weekend. You know how those people who live in La Jolla are. I’m moving that’s for fucking sure.

I made that same comment earlier today while watching Stomp the Yard during CST testing. HOT…and danceable.


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