Movies, movies, movies


I decided to have a movie marathon. I have such a large amount of DVDs that I wondered just how long would it take me to watch every single DVD that I own. I haven’t decided if I will include the TV Shows that I have on DVD in this run of things. They aren’t movies, and being that I have 8 different dvd box sets of 6 different shows, this may save me some time. You know, I won’t include them. That will be for another time.

The rules are: now that I’ve started watching movies, I cannot return to watching normal TV until I have watched all of my DVDs. Also, I can continue to do things such as go to work, work out, hang out with friends and sleep–its not like I’m in college. Its just that, if I am watching my television…i need to be watching a DVD. I plan on keeping a running tally of DVDs watched each day. I’ll also ccreate a hot link to the IMDB of each film (not Wikipedia to ensure that nothing is spoiled, for you folks who don’t like spoiling films), and a personal critique. I am not watching these films in any particular order, but i’m sure there is some sort of pattern that I haven’t noticed yet… simply because I’ve only watched two films thus far. I do think that I will save my “series” for last though…I have quite a few of those: The Harry Potters, Godfathers, Back to the Future, LOTR,s, Mission Impossible, and Spider Man.

Day 1
1. Sin City I like the darkness behind this flick. I think I must have a thing for comic books made into films because I really enjoy them. they’re very visual.

2.Identity A modern day thriller written in a Hitchcock-esque manner. It was one of the first DVDs I bought when I got my dvd player, so I watched it a lot. I really like hitchcock also, though this has nothing to do with Hitchcock besides inspiration. It is chilling. According to Wikipedia its loosely based on Agatha Christie’s And then there were none…and we all know how much i love Agatha Christie. I’m still watching this film, but I predict it will be the last film i watch tonight because I plan to go to the gym as soon as its over. Holiday eating must be deminished straight away.

** By straight away I mean tomorrow morning…the ice cream i ate is giving me a tummy ache. So here is movie three:

3. Underworld. This little diddy is about vampires in some metropolitan community somewhere. Kate Beckinsale has perpetually wet hair, and a terribly blunt cut. She’s kicking a little ass ala buffy style…though she is the vampire, and she is “slaying” Lycan, aka werewolves. That one swimmer dude from Felicity is also in it. This is not a terribly bad movie, though it isn’t a great one either. I don’t know why they made a sequel. I never saw it. No matter which gothic community this is set, I am left to believe that the british are, in fact, vampires.


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