judgement day


so, i can be really hard on people. LIke when students annoy me, i can say things to myself or others that comes off as harsh. But, then you hear the context of the story and you understand. I was a little hard on a collegue today, but to other people. I’m a bit of a shit talker, but I would have and will say it to her face should the time arise. She’s just incredibly selfish…not, self centered, and does and says things that are in the attempt to put other people down while making herself feel better…when really, her shit stinks…and she’s not better then anyone. She’s spent the last five years working on a credential in Social Sciences…..5 years! She is so lucky that she was never fired, because social studies teachers are a dime a dozen. Anyway, a collegue was on the phone with her and made the comment, “She talks alot. I wonder how she’ll be with men” to which i responded, “she won’t.” and this got things going on about how this collegue..who is 28…doesn’t know how to drive, lives with her parents, and has the social grace of a teenager (i.e. acting with regards to only themselves). She once got into a verbal spat with a student about why her mother was better then the students mother (ex: “My mother is way better then your mom! would your mom bring you your cell phone if you left it at home?” Of course the answer is no, because chances are: A) that student knows how to drive and could get it themselves, and b) that student wouldn’t dare ask their mother to break away from her day to come service their needs). My collegues….anyway…sometimes I feel like i can be a little harsh in judgement, by simply having judgement in general. i wish i could be without it…not be such a catty bitch. Its almost…goodness, what do they call the abillity to blink, or what causes our heart to beat…when action happens without us willing it to happen…it just does? But i’m loving, and i think that makes up for it a bit.

I am pleased with the choices that i’ve been making lately. Especially the choice i made tonight to not follow my trainer’s mean suggestions for this week. Tomorrow was to be vegetables only…and honestly, I can’t do that. I need to make changes and choices in my meals that I am able to follow and stick with. i recognize that I need more veggies, but I’m not going to make myself crazy by trying to figure out what vegetables one eats for breakfast. its just not worth it to me. I haven’t been under 195 since i was 16, so i think i’ve come a long way to be well underthat, and if i can get to a healthy BMI range I will be very happy and maintain there. But i’m not going to kill myself by eating only vegetables. i’ll just not eat a cheeseburger, or any sushi, or a milk shake…or sour gummi worms. that’s what i’ll do. But i will eat more then just veggies tomorrow. Crazy HAI.


4. The Mummy is one of my favorites. I think because there are those biblical plagues unleashed on the people after the curse is revealed. I love Old Testament references. Not that I’m not greatful for a loving God, its just that the Vengeful God of the Old Testament did some mighty cold things…that are also quite interesting.

5. Clue is another favorite. when i was a kid i would watch this on repeat all the time! I know every line, and I’m more then familiar with its jokes and hilarity. Its based on Agatha Christies “And then there were none” which is also a favorite Audiobook of mine. I love a good mystery. Last year, I was on this kick of watching Clue back to back…and so I went down to Long Beach to kick it, and late that night was able to find Clue on cable…I know! kismet!

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