no cal count (ncc)

Its Friday. I try not to count on fridays. It gives me some time off to be real and active and not really worry. Though I’m always counting. Its just not on paper. I have this running tally in my head that isn’t so precise,but it keeps me in line. I took teh day off today in order to do laundry, and enjoy time alone! My budget doesn’t quite allow for too much going out though June is filled with many oppurtunities to. For example, I went out for lunch twice this week, had to pay a fine, got a parking ticket, mailed my mother money, and have already quickened out all of my bills, so i konw that I only have about 300 bucks for the next 3.5 weeks. It can be done. I’ve lived off less for the months of January, February, and March. The one thing about being broke is that, well, it allows for less eating out. It changes the shopping choices. I expect to eat more beans and potatoes. I just had some grapes, but i want some more toast. So i’m going to get it.


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