Fish and Chips


188lbs (I think…still haven’t bought the scale)
2150 CC (I won’t be ashamed, if you won’t be ashamed)
210 CB (We stood a lot today)
1940 CR
Today, Amanda and I went to see the author of our latest book club read. I use the term “our book club” even though I’m not officially in the book club because I’ve read at least four of the books that the club has also read, so i feel I’m a member by default, if not officially. We spent the afternoon in malibu at Marmalade and at Diesel, A book store. We recently read Eat, Prey, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, an excellent memoir of a woman who uses travel to reconstruct her life and her understanding of life after it all falls apart. There were alot of parts in this book that really resonated with me and felt true for my experience. She has this writing style that felt as if I was talking with a good friend about their inter (inner?) most feelings and experiences. As if a good friend was giving me anectdotes from their personal experience so that I could gain some knowledge to apply to my own issues. I’m glad that I’m not the only one having those conversations in my brain about insecurity, and faith, and love. Its just something I needed to hear, so i’m very glad that i went.

I make it a point to try fish and chips whenever i can. They remind me of home, though they’re made very differently in LA then they are in Seattle. Something about the batter used at Ivar’s that is not found in LA. I’m starting to enjoy the beer battered nature of the LA fried fish world. I’m not enjoying the price or the 1000 calorie potential that a plate of fish and chips could contain. I usually eat all fo the fish, and split the fries. Today I had the waitress replace the seasonal vegetables (which are always gross and predictable- corn, zuccini, squash, carrots…ewwww) with more fries so that we’d all have a lot to share. I’ve got to keep my spending and my calories in check. I decided against going to Ben and Jerry’s for a sweet treat, and instead went to Starbucks for a simple Apple Cider. Not a carmel apple cider. Not an apple cider with whipcream. Just an apple cider. As I said to the cashier, I don’t want or need all those extra calories. I’d rather eat higher in volume foods then have a 1400 calorie drink from tsarbucks. I’ve already had my fish and chips. I should go to the gym tonight, being that there will be no water in my building tomorrow from 9-4pm. Here’s the thing, i always say i want to wake up early and go to the gym before then, but it never happens. I wish i could make it happen, but i’m not a morning person. But, here I am saying it once again: I will probably just go to yoga in the morning. keep your fingers crossed. Keep them crossed that I will also not eat anything else tonight. i should be full until tomorrow.


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