Today is the first day of my partial vacation. Partial because i have to go into work for 1/2 hour at time on tuesday and thursday. I’m considering not going in tomorrow. I slept in forever today! Didn’t get out of bed until 10. I cleaned my apartment, i called Apple to see where the hell my replacement batter was, and I ignored incoming phone calls from people at work asking if I was coming in today. You know why? Because its my vacation, so hell no I’m not coming in today. I also did a bit of grocery shopping and necessity shopping. I went to Target and remembered that Father’s day is this sunday. Its difficult to find a card that isn’t just a baltant lie. there is no card that says “Thanks dad for making me the woman I am today. Enclosed you will find all past and present therapy bills.” No cards express the right amount of contempt, but greatfulness for helping me to avoid homelessness. My mother said its completely okay to just get him a card, considering his other daughters don’t even call. I’ll be home in July, that will be a gift enough. I bought a scale and put it in the kitchen because the bathroom is a little small. Right now i’m cooking an early dinner, because i want lunch, but would rather eat the food i bought for dinner. I know, crazy.

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  1. I think you should buy something like a card that’s really written for a “Mom” or “Grandparent” and buy that, and from there take a pen, and scratch out the “Mom” or “Grandparent” and any other line that’s not appropo. Think of it as you modifying the card so it’s not saying anything untrue.

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