I did the coolest thing today. I had lunch in a coffee shop, and stayed there, listening to music and reading until i finished my book. It was great. I love it when books make me drop my mouth open in shock and laugh out loud in hilarity. I finished the second in Armistead Maupin’s More Tales of the City. It was incredibly enjoyable. I also stopped by work today for about 45 minutes to work with the seniors. I’m sorry, but I see these kids like 3 times in a two week period, which means I’m not asking them to do anything. Anything at all. And that’s cool. So, when I do come into work with a task for them to do….a task that I gave them two weeks ago, that has still not be completed, I expect them to move their asses and get it done. I had to tell them three times to go find a chaperone for their event. Three times. Okay, once was me actually saying, the other two times were me saying “I don’t know why they’re still sitting there” because they were, just grazing on their fucking chips like they weren’t given this task two weeks ago. Puh-lease. Get off your fat asses and move. I mean that. I’ve watched one girl gain like 15 pounds in a semester. I’d be concerned if I wasn’t being inundated with bullshit to do from the administration. Idiots. This year needs to end so that I can go on vacation! A real vacation. A vacation that doesn’t involve me returning to campus every other day to deal with bullshit. Anyway, that was just a slight annoyance. Other then that, my afternoon has gone swell. I’m going to start reading Marianne Pearl’s “A Mighty Heart” with Angelina on the cover in slightly “lighter then brown, yet retaining racial sensitivity” face. As I have stated to many people, even a stranger, in the movie of my life I want to be played by Angelina Jolie in black face. I mean it. If I were better at photoshop…or if I had photoshop I’d create a picture…but I don’t. So I can’t.


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