183.5 lbs
1490 cc
0 cb
1490 cr

I haven’t gone to the gym yet. I’ll leave here in 15 minutes to do so. the only thing i’ve accomplished, besides things for tomorrow’s event, is waiting for my new battery, calibrating my new battery, and reading A Mighty Heart. I didn’t go out for pizza, spend any extra money, or have a drink…so i think i’m good. I feel that grossness that comes from napping for so long. I took a nap around 4, but was really in and out of it. I woke up around 7 to cook eggs for dinner. I’m proud of myself for using the materials i have in the house as opposed to going out and buying pre made food. that will help me keep my weight down. I’m not sure if I’ll even go work out tonight. I couldn’t sleep last night at all. But now I feel kinda groggy. it feels like an obligation tonight, because i know i won’t go tomorrow…though i will be up for nearly 24 hours, so hmmmmmmmm. I think I will just stay in tonight. i just want to read my book and not be so hot! its really hot. not really, but just uncomfortable.


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