Watch this.
It’s a video on spending in Los Angeles. It goes from two very rich girls and won the spectrum to a family who lives in a one bedroom apartment who classify as comfortably middle class, and then recognizably poor and back up the ladder. While watching the beginning of this film and listening to these two rich girls speak, and then to this one rich guy speak about their spending habits, I immediately thought, “Oh, this is the future of America’s Bad Credit.” But its actually kind of good. Growing up in Los Angeles must be the most insane kind of thing. But really, growing up is a ridiculously insane kind of thing. Growing up, I was the last girl in the film who couldn’t afford to go to her junior prom (we didn’t have junior proms), but she just sounds alot more realistic then her friend who spoke first about how on prom night they were just throwing around ridiculous amounts of money- hummer limos, $50 dinners, $40 after party. Boy does she look ashamed when her friend is like, “I couldn’t afford to go, but I didn’t tell anyone that. They just came over to my house and got ready.” If you don’t watch the whole film you have to watch the introduction. Hilarioous. Or at least the gay orthodox jew is.


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