I can’t sleep. I’ve done so much reading and so much chatting that my eyes hurt. I was invited out to go dancing tonight, but i have a full day ahead of me, so I’m just not going to return that phone call. Not until morning at least. I will be up for 24 hours being that tomorrow is GradNite. I’m too fatigued to be pumped just yet. give me a second.

In that second, can we talk about Britney Spears? This is a quote from an article written on It was an article about her mother, who has be reunited with her daughter after this disasterous spring time. “Britney Jean Spears is the sweetest and the most sensitive and loving of all my children,” says Spears, the mother of three children with ex-husband Jamie Spears. “She’s just figuring things out.”

So if Britney is the most sensitive and loving of all her children, do you think its possible that throughout this whole mess Miss Jamie Lynn Spears was sitting on the set of Zoey 101 thinking “why the fuck can’t she just get it together?” Okay, i’m going to try that sleeping thing once more.


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  1. When Jamie Lynn Spears heard about her sister shaving her head, maybe her thought was, “I will SO never TRY crack!”

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