hot chocolate


I am not good about being out and about. I’m a napper. But you don’t meet boys being a napper. I had a stressful day at Franklin today, so I broke away and went home. Actually, I broke away, bought some popcorn and a book, then went home. I’m having much more fun reading this book about pregnant women who are thrown together and become friends, then I am reading Middlesex. I know its supposed to be all heavy and blah…but I picked up where I left off in 2004, and really, I’m going to have to cut some of that heavy with some light literature focused on women. the book i’m reading now, little earthquakes, was written by the same woman who wrote In her shoes…and I really liked that movie, so I’m sure I’ll like this book. I’ve been napping and periodically waking to watch bits of TLC’s “The Baby Story.” Babies are cute. Its coming up on 4 o’clock, and though i had popcorn for lunch around noon, I’d like to eat dinner before I go to aerobics. I think i will cook tacos. I’m so not having my children on TLC. I wonder what they get as a “prize”?


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