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my apartment is drowining out my own voice. its sooo bloody hot in here…though not as hot as it could be. Sanp. its hot. I want to write. I was compelled to write as i was driving home. However, I am not compelled to go to the coffee shop. I’ve done pretty well this week by staying away from sugar. Not intentionally, I just don’t have any around and I jut don’t want to go to psychobabble and order a peice of chocolate cake. yum. i am also having difficulty writing becuase your protagonist needs a problem, something that needs to be solved. I can’t think of a problem that i could bequeath onto a person. my own life wouldnn’t be the best model, at all. none of this is a problem, its all just pretty normal. I do what I do. I work. I work out. I see my friends. I drink like a crazy person. not really, but you know…a person who is having a really good time. I avoid sugar. I contemplate my life. I blog. See, I’m a 21st century girl. I read entire books in one night (Little Earthquakes was good, and has been optioned into a movie). i’m gonna start small. one night. mabye a few hours in one night. one scene. i still can’t think of a problem, but at least its a start. Right? I’m a normal girl. I’m a girl who needs a dog. A girl who is just tired of working…its exhausting. I’ve over it, that whole working thing. I know i’m a feminist, who believes in having my own money, paving my own way, and the ability to protect myself financially…however, pushing the machinery that will pave my own way is exhausting. And i only worked for 2 hours today. I think i just really want to be on vacation. i want to be home, walking my parents’ dog and pretending he is actually my dog.

I just had a student tell me that a compliment i gave her meant alot, since it was coming from me. You know why, because i’m a bitch. i gave this girl a slightly hard time, from time to time. Just because she needs a little push. She’s smart, she’s just a little unmotvated sometimes. but she showed up today, though it was after the time i wanted her to be there, she still showed up, hunted me down, and asked when to show up tomorrow…which i appreciated. I’m tough. That doesn’t mean I don’t like you.

Oh! Here is some ironic advice I just got from Jennifer Weiner’s website about writing (note that the titles are stolen from her advice, the rest is my paraphrasing of her ideas, and literary proof to each idea’s validity):

1. The unhappy childhood- Being an outsider equips the writer with the ability to be an observer (don’t believe her, read The Corrections. There is no way Jonathon Franzen was popular…ever…before getting that great book publshed). It can also provide inspiration.

2. The Miserable Love Life- a key ingredient…(again see Franzen’s The Corrections, Eugenides Middlesex, anything written by Michael Cunningham).

3. Major in Liberal Arts (not necessarily Creative Writing)- becuase real writers will write no matter what. the liberal arts will teach you how to write, read, analyze, and synthesize.

4. Get a Job (not an MFA)- that will put you in the thick of the world and activity. She worked as a journalist…i work in a high school.

5. Write to please yourself- get all those great ideas you’ve always had out of your head and on paper.

6. Get a Dog- Writing requires discipline…it must be tended to, fed, nurtured, and paid attention to. So must dogs. It will be a good practice in discipline.

10. Read- read everything. it will provide perspective into how others made sense of the world.

I think that’s pretty good advice. Steps 7-9 are about getting published. I’d rather just write. And maybe take a nap. Hmmmmmmm.


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