Making the Band 4


Oh, thank you lord…Making the Band is back! Yes! This is by far my favorite show. Its like 10 times better then American Idol. Diddy and his entourage are all simon. Sometimes the choreographer can be like Paula…but not always. Its like watching Dancing with the Stars…except with like people who amaze me, people who are my age…like this Japanese boy singing R&B. And just blowing them out of the water! Too bad he can’t dance. Or the chubby white boy singing Boys to Men. I love an underdog. Everyone has so much intensity…and everyone is so excited to someday be Diddy’s bitch. Can someone tell me why Diddy is like the ugliest person on teh face of hte earth? Okay, not uglier then Little Jon..but really, Diddy is not attractive. He just got the confidence of a person who is fine as hell. He’s at his ugliest when he’s promoting his products…he looks much better when he’s being “real” re: mean. Oh, and these boys have so much heart! This is going to be fun! Not at all like Top Chef, or Hell’s Kitchen, where there is this air of predictablilty. Not on Making the Band…he always finds new ways to cut your heart out and serve it up to you! I love tha tthey are all stnding in like central park, wrapped up in heavy coats…while Diddy’s entourage is wearing fur. Every single member is in head to toe fur.

The choreographer…whose name I don’t know, nor do I care to know…is so energetic. I wish i were that coordinated. You should see me in aerobics…damn. Its really pathetic. It always takes a few seconds to get combinations down. But boy do i try! Much like these contestants. I only wish they had a better Making the Band website.


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